Tuesday, March 10, 2009

JOBS TO AVOID: $5 Per Article

Editor's note: As a public service to readers of this blog, we want to expose those who are trying to take advantage of people in these tough economic times. More to the point, we want to highlight companies and individuals who are attempting to get people to work for peanuts! Here is one such advertisement:

Reply to: job-6hh7v-1066460191@craigslist.org Date: 2009-03-08, 7:52PM PDT

We are looking for several writers to write a variety of articles on life in Los Angeles County for a new website that aims to be a local resource to the community. We will need articles on local community events and functions, attractions, reviews of local restaurants, sports events, opinions of community, city and county politics, effects of the economy of current living conditions, the school system and children's programs, issues within the school systems that need exposure and many more topics that will help to give a diverse depiction of real life within Los Angeles County. Articles need to be between 750-1000 words and the author will be given credit for writing the articles. If you are interested please submit a 300-500 word writing sample for review to mycityexplorer@gmail.com. If selected we will supply you with general topics and keywords that need to be worked into the articles regularly. We are paying $5 per article. We are looking for a diverse look at life in Los Angeles so if you are a college student or senior citizen, your opinion and writing is important to us. We are looking for a number of writers who can take a list of topics and run with it. Writers will be paid electronically via paypal or by business check by mail if you do not have an online payment processor.

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