Sunday, January 25, 2009

Man Arrested After More Than 200 Dead Animals Found

Police in Temecula have arrested a man on suspicion of animal cruelty for allegedly mistreating his dogs and cats. According to authorities, more than 200 of the animals were discovered dead on his property.

Authorities say that Elisao Gilbert Jimenez, 66, was taken into custody Friday after a search of his residence in the 39000 block of Liefer Road showed a number of dogs and cats "in poor health."

Deputies were dispatched to Jimenez's home to assist Department of Animal Services officers with a vicious dog, and when they looked in the back of the suspect's property, they discovered more than 200 dog and cat carcasses.

Animal Control Officers reported discovering 204 dead animals in plastic bags in different stages of decomposition. They also located more than 82 dogs and nearly three dozen ferel cats.

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