Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hollywood Celebs Need to Tell It Like It Is

Do you think there will come a day when Hollywood celebrities just tell us the truth? We didn't think so.

The Hollywood crowd goes out of its way to shield itself from the public, except of course, when it will do them some good.

Whether it is the hush-hush of having a baby, noting a disease or who you are currently dating, Hollywood celebs go out of their way to keep it private for the most part. Now everyone is entitled to their privacy of course, but we generally support these stars through thick and thin.

A report out today says actor Paul Newman, 83, is doing just fine after previous communications said he was battling lung cancer. Okay, either Newman is fighting lung cancer or he is doing just fine for a man his age, which is it? If he is battling lung cancer but is in relatively good condition, then just tell us that. Maybe he could help other lung cancer patients by coming out and addressing the disease.

Are celebs afraid that if word gets out they are seriously ill, etc. that they will never work again?

Another example are Hollywood celebs having babies and keeping it more of a secret than the secret code at Fort Knox. While we don't need to know every single detail, telling us (the public who supports your movies and tv shows) a few nuggets is not the end of the world.

On a brighter but sad note, we congratulate Ed McMahon for going public on his foreclosure difficulties. McMahon and his wife are reportedly some $640,000 behind on house payments and could lose their home. Maybe McMahon did it to gain some attention for his personal cause, but it is something most folks would not want to brag about. We applaud McMahon for being up front about it.

Maybe some other celebs will take a cue from Johnny's right hand man and just tell it like it is.

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