Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Headlines.....

** Thought of the Day: We saw a story on the wires today about what happens to homes after someone is murdered in them. The story on (,2933,369083,00.html) looked at such former homes as those of murderers John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer, and victims like Sharon Tate (pictured to right), Nicole Brown Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey. It is a very interesting story and makes one wonder if you could live in the home of someone who killed or was killed. Our guess is it would be a little spooky to say the least.

* San Diego
City Attorney Michael Aguirre has sued San Diego Gas & Electric in an effort to recover millions of dollars in damages caused to city property and for firefighting costs associated with last October's wildfires. The civil complaint says SDG&E failed to take steps to prevent downed utility lines from sparking the devastating Witch Creek and Guejito fires. The lawsuit reportedly seeks to claims tens of millions of dollars. To see more on this story, visit .

* A Norwalk man was arrested after reportedly leaving his 8-year-old Rotweiler in the car as temperatures outside topped 100 degrees. The dog, Sierra, died after being left in the vehicle on Wednesday afternoon. The man claims he answered a phone after leaving the car and forgot about the dog.

* A new cell phone law goes into effect in California on July 1. If you are caught holding a phone in your hand while driving, police will issue fines. The initial ticket is $20, but with court fees, it's closer to $75. Motorists will still be allowed to use a hand-held cell phone or other mobile device in an emergency.

* Mixed results Thursday afternoon for So Cal's baseball teams. The Los Angeles Dodgers scored a 7-4 win in Cincinnati, while the San Diego Padres dropped a 2-1 decision to the Yankees in New York.

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