Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jail Time for Jocelyn? Not Just Yet

Is jail time in the cards for Jocelyn Kirsch? Well, at least not yet.

A judge in Philadelphia on Thursday released her on bail and said that she could continue home confinement. It was just recently that Kirsch was on California soil and allegedly up to her old tricks again.

You remember our report ( a few days ago on our globe-trotting little daddy's girl, right? Well if you don't know, Kirsch, 22, is charged with identity theft that allowed her and her former boyfriend to travel the world for a year at other people's expenses.

Kirsch had been under house arrest, but new allegations are that she stole a credit card while working at a Starbucks in California where her mother resides. The original charges from her jet-setting travels include aggravated identity theft, money laundering and fraud. The judge, however, said the alleged credit card swipe in California was not considered a violent crime.

Maybe a little time behind bars with some other girls, and not the kind who have breast implants, tons of money (via other people) and travel the world will do little Jocelyn some good.

Photo courtesy of Fox 29

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