Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family Sues Disneyland Following Dog Attack

An Illinois family has sued Disneyland, stating that their four-year-old daughter was mauled by a dog at the park's petting zoo two years ago.

Filed in Orange County Superior Court, the suit claims that the German shepherd-Labrador retriever mix attacked the at the time two-year-old and left her permanently scarred.

Lena Dickerson was reportedly bitten several times on the face by the animal. The family, which lived in Valencia, Calif. at the time of the attack, has since moved to Illinois.

According to reports, a Disneyland employee adopted the 6-year-old dog from the Orange County Animal Shelter and brought it to Disneyland two weeks before the attack. The lawsuit goes on to say that the dog was situated on a box in the Big Thunder petting zoo while a park employee held its leash and invited children to pet it.

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified punitive damages and reimbursement for the Dickerson family's medical costs and the trauma it endured.

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We've been to this part of Disneyland and pet the dogs and cats of the movies. I am very surprised this happened. They always had an attendant there making sure everything was ok. One things some dogs do not like is someone putting their face into the dogs face.