Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin Choice Opens New Frontier for McCain

Editor's note: As many of you who read this site know, the menu on here is often California news. From time to time, we look at national and world events, such as in the case of John McCain's pick for VP.

While we were on vacation on the East Coast last week, we all saw the news of John McCain's pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for vice president.

Here are some thoughts from one Republican, your site's author.

* While the pick surprises many, we think it is a good, safe choice. Although some may question her experience, she does not come with a ton of Washington baggage, something many voters will find refreshing.

* She underlines Barack Obama's contention that 'Change' is needed in Washington, D.C. After speaking countless times about bringing change to the country and getting away from the Beltway Boys, what did Obama do in his pick for VP? He chose Joe Biden from Delaware as his running mate. Biden is someone who has experience, but is a definite insider and has Washington written all over him. Obama also likely selected Biden because of his (Obama's) lack of foreign policy experience.

* Palin will not win over 18 million Hillary supporters, but she gives women out there a second look at the November election. Being the mother of five kids, while she may be governor of our 49th state, she is also someone many moms out there can relate to in one way or another.

* While we liked Romney, the pick of Palin shows that McCain is not afraid to go outside the box. This could prove key if elected in that he will reach across party aisles and actually get some work done on behalf of the country.

* Although we are a pro-choice Republican, we do not believe abortion rights is anywhere near the top of the importance ticket. The economy, fighting terrorism and lessening our dependency on foreign oil are much higher topics of importance in our mind.

In all, we liked the pick, and think that November just got a little more interesting.


cottontop said...

The choice of Sarah Palin has created a sense of solidarity in the portion of the Republican Party that waited for John McCain to step up as a leader in the Senate over the last 4-6 years. He should have fought harder for fiscal restraint and smaller government. Although I think that George Bush has done a great job at protecting this nation, I question where he gave in to the Dems in order to get his agenda passed. We are in big trouble financially. Now McCain and Palin have a very big problem to solve when we win in November. Solutions are not going to be popular. Oh and by the way, the Pro-Life Plank is a very important one to this conservative 43 year old conservative from California.

DT said...

the nice thing here is that we republicans do feel energized again with the addition of palin to the
ticket. and this is coming from a 43-year-old pro-choice republican from california.