Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Media Lovefest with Obama and the Dems

Editor's note: As many of you who read this site know, the menu on here is often California news. From time to time, we look at national and world events, such as in the case of John McCain's pick for VP. This is another story on the current race for the White House.

We knew there would be a huge bias this week by the media against the Republicans and their get-together in Minneapolis-St. Paul. We just didn't realize it would be so over the top.

After watching a few minutes of MSNBC's coverage of the convention last night, you could just feel the heartburn inside of Keith Olbermann, having to actually be around so many Republicans at one time. Come on, Keith, lighten up a little bit and be thankful that you have the freedom to make your far left rants and raves on a nightly basis.

Now, we learn that Us Weekly, a magazine some of us didn't even know was still around, has really 'left' out mainstream America with its latest attack on
Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska.

For its most recent cover, due out on newsstands this Friday, the magazine displays a picture of Palin with the headline, “Babies, Lies & Scandal.” That is quite the contrast from its lovefest two months ago with Barack and Michelle Obama.

Us Weekly publisher Jann Wenner, who has donated more than $130,000 to the Democratic Party in the last 15 years, is a well-known supporter of Obama and the Dems. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to be taken seriously, you might want to try and offer a little more balance.

As long as we're not talking about corruption in office, what Palin's home life is like is the business of her and her family. The fact that she has a pregnant 17-year-old daughter is her business and that of her family. Even Obama had the decency to say the kids were off limits.

CNN's John Roberts asked the other night that if McCain and Palin are elected in November, would the Alaska governor be able to be a good mother to her baby son, who has Down's syndrome, while being Vice President at the same time? If you ever wondered before if Roberts leans left, now you know.

At the end of the day, John McCain's experience and ability to reach across party aisles makes him a better choice to be President. As for Sarah Palin, give the woman a chance and you might just like what you see. That is if the left leaning media will give you the truth.

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