Saturday, December 13, 2008

No More Texting and Driving as of Jan. 1

California has a gift for you come Jan. 1. If you are caught texting while driving, be prepared to receive a fine.

CHP officials sent out a reminder Friday to all the media outlets asking them to inform people that texting while driving will be illegal starting the first of the year.

A new state law will go into effect aimed at preventing accidents and collisions, as SB-28 prohibits a person using "an electronic wireless communications device to write, send or read text-based messages while operating a motor vehicle."

Drivers are subject to $20 fee for the first offense, and $50 for each subsequent offense.

Unlike SB-33, which focuses on teens, and SB-1613, which allows cell phone usage accompanied by a headset for adults, SB-28 is for all drivers.

For further information on the new cellular phone and text laws, visit California Department of Motor Vehicles' Web site.

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