Tuesday, December 9, 2008

UPDATE: Search on for 4th Victim of Plane Crash

Editor's note: Authorities confirmed this afternoon that a fourth body, that of a baby girl, was discovered in the debris of one of the homes destroyed by the plane crash and fire.

Authorities in San Diego continued this morning searching for the fourth victim of yesterday's deadly F/A-18D plane crash in the city's University City section.

At approximately noon yesterday, a distressed fighter plane that had taken off from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln crashed onto a street in the UC community after the pilot reported engine problems. The pilot safely ejected from the plane shortly before it went down.

Three bodies were found in one home, while a second home was apparently empty when it was destroyed by the crash and ensuing fire. The plane crash-landed on a street and plowed into the two homes, setting off a massive fire. Six other homes suffered damages from the crash and fire.

The deceased victims in the home were identified as a 36-year-old Korean woman, her daughter, and the child's grandmother. The fourth victim, a baby girl, had not been found as of this morning.

View home video at: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Home_Video_from_the_Crash_Site_San_Diego.html

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