Monday, April 21, 2008



* A new survey of insurance companies estimates that nearly 90 percent of claims stemming from the devastating October fire and wind storms in California have been settled. A poll by the Insurance Information Network of California ( of companies representing nearly two-thirds of Californias homeowner insurance market found that they have settled 29,954 of their 33,789 residential claims from the October catastrophe. To date, those claims have resulted in more than $1.27 billion worth of claims settlements among the surveyed companies, which expect those claims to ultimately total $1.47 billion. Editor's note: To see more of this story, visit

California's Labor and Workforce Development Agency announced that Economic Employment Enforcement Coalition (EEEC) investigators issued 41 citations for labor violations – with fines totaling more than $226,000 – in a recent sweep of 28 San Diego auto body businesses.
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* Gas prices continue to go up, up, up and California drivers are seeing the worst of it. While drivers in New Jersey pay the least on average for a gallon of gas, drivers in the Golden State are paying $3.86 on average for a gallon of gas.


* The Los Angeles Dodgers rebounded from being swept over the weekend in Atlanta as they posted a 9-3 win at Cincinnati. Meantime, the San Diego Padres were hammered in Houston by a 10-3 score.

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