Thursday, October 30, 2008

Body Found in Motor Home; Father Charged in Murder

A man whose daughter disappeared from her Temecula home approximately two years ago has been charged with murder after a badly decomposed body was discovered in the freezer of his impounded motor home.

Authorities reported that Clarence Eugene Butterfield was charged in Orange County on Thursday in the death of the woman. Authorities did note, however, that they are not sure it is the missong woman's body due to its state of decomposition. Medical experts plan to use dental records and DNA testing to identify the remains.

The body was found wrapped in a five-foot freezer of the motor home after a pair of impound yard employees went to the motor home to inventory the contents.

Butterfield reportedly owned and lived in the motor home on a friend's property in Capistrano Beach until he was stopped for a traffic violation in late September.

The friend reportedly then had the home removed from the property and it ended up at a towing company in San Clemente, where the discovery of the remains was made.

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