Friday, October 24, 2008

Cover Up at Helix High School?

At a press conference earlier this week in San Diego, Grossmont Union board member Jim Kelly and a pair of candidates running for a seat on the board requested that the president and vice president of the board resign.

Kelly claims that vice president Larry Urdahl and president Priscilla Schreiber are not aware of what is taking place at one of its schools, stating that child rapes have happened a number of times.

Four teachers have been convicted of having inappropriate relationships with students at Helix High School. Kelly also states that there are a pair of other cases the district is allegedly covering up by removing school files.

Urdahl responded that the allegations are bogus, and that no evidence of child abuse has been uncovered other than what was already presented.

Urdahl also implied that Kelly's timing with his comments is politically motivated.

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