Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miss Louisiana Teen USA Arrested, Booked

Editor's note: Although this site is primarily geared towards California news, we from time to time step outside the state and see what is going on around the nation and the rest of the world.

Our loser of the day award goes to Miss Louisiana Teen USA, who lost her crown two weeks shy of her reign ending.

According to authorities, Lindsey Evans and three friends skipped out on a $46.07 restaurant bill last weekend. In doing so, she was not only arrested, but stripped of her title by pageant officials.

"Lindsey Evans has been part of an organization that believes in opportunities when earned and consequences when warranted. Due to recent circumstances, Lindsey has been relieved of her duties as Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 effective immediately," the group's executive director Paula Miles said in a prepared statement. "RPM Productions, Inc. wishes Lindsey success in her future endeavors."

After walking out on the bill, Evans reportedly left her purse in the establishment and had gone back to get it. The problem is, police were already on the scene. Not only did authorities find her driver's license, but they also reportedly discovered some marijuana in the purse.

Evans was booked and released on bond.

Our advice to Ms. the bill next time!

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