Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin Did Her Job, Now Up to McCain

As many of you who read this site know, the menu on here is often California news. From time to time, we look at national and world events.

Some of us live in divided households when it comes to politics. Having said that, we naturally will then have split decisions on last night's vice presidential debate.

While I thought Sarah Palin held her ground and did not harm the ticket, I can say the same for Joe Biden. I felt both did what they had to do.

Palin had to re-establish herself and go back to her appearance at the RNC last month. She did that and then some last night.

What made many of us cheer even louder was Palin's opening comment that the moderator and Biden may not hear the questions that were being asked answered the way they would like to hear them. She set the tone for the evening and talked about energy, taxes, Iraq, healthcare, etc. in a way that the average American would understand and appreciate.

As for the claims from the left that Palin does not comprehend the issues, etc. this is not a college class on history or political science. This is about who will best govern for middle class America. It is about time those on the right show a little spunk to the likes of Gwen Ifill, Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, etc. Just because you do not hold three degrees from Harvard, Yale and Oxford does not mean you cannot be in the conversation.

As for Biden, although he can be long winded at times, I felt he created no major gaffes, although he did make several inaccurate remarks regarding John McCain's views, as did Sarah Palin when it came to Barack Obama.

The attention now turns to next Tuesday evening's second presidential debate in Nashville. I for one hope McCain takes the gloves off and goes after Obama. He let him off the hook at the first debate.

For someone who says that he will not win any Mr. Congeniality awards, it is time for McCain to fight for the presidency. Otherwise, get ready for President Obama in a little over three months.

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