Friday, October 17, 2008

Shannon Sisters Come to Hef's Aid

In light of another rough week on Wall Street, John McCain down in the polls, and our IRA looking as successful as the Detroit Lions, we figured we'd end the session on a positive note.

Since Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner have apparently called it quits, we were concerned that Hefner may not be getting as much attention as needed.

Have no fear....the Shannon sisters (Karissa and Kristina) are here. The twins (pictured third and fourth from the left from a My Space page) have apparently been occupying Hef's time since his break up with Madison. Now don't forget Hef still has other "girlfriends" sharing his bedroom.

We wish the Shannon sisters and Hef all the best. Heck, Hef sure doesn't mourn the loss of a break up for too long.

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