Monday, November 3, 2008

79-Year-Old Man Charged with Sexual Assaults

George Pecci, 79, has pleaded guilty to one count each of oral copulation, felony sexual battery, lewd acts with a child and misdemeanor sexual battery, after being arrested for reportedly sexually assaulting four women he hired to clean his home or care for his ailing wife.

According to authorities, the Westlake Village resident also reportedly threatened to kill or deport the victims if they told anyone.

Pecci reportedly targeted recent immigrants and ran ads in area stores to lure his victims.

One of the victims claimed that after arriving at Pecci's home, he poured wine in two glasses and offered one to the woman. He reportedly then fondled the woman, and when she asked to leave the residence, Pecci reportedly said she could not until she had sex with him.

Pecci will face sentencing on Dec. 9.

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