Saturday, November 15, 2008

UPDATE: Pair of Major Fires Continue to Blaze

Firefighters continue to battle a pair of blazes that have destroyed dozens of homes north of Santa Barbara and in the northwest part of the San Fernando Valley.

The newest blaze started up Friday evening, burning dozens of homes and forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents. To date, four injuries (three to firefighters) have been reported.

According to authorities, the Sylmar Fire has resulted in the nearly complete loss of the Oakridge Mobile Home Park.

To date, 2,600 acres have burned, with more than 1,000 structures threatened by uncontrolled flames.

Evacuations Centers

Sylmar High School
13050 Borden Avenue, Sylmar

San Fernando High School
11133 O'Melveney Avenue, San Fernando

Kennedy High School
11252 Gothic Avenue, Granada Hills

Chatsworth High School
10027 Lurline Avenue, Chatsworth

Road Closures

5 Freeway closed in Newhall Pass. Vehicles are being taken off the freeway northbound at the 118 freeway and southbound at the 126 freeway.

210 Freeway closed in both directions between the 5 freeway the 118 freeway.

118 Freeway connection roads closed at the 405 Freeway.

405 Freeway closed northbound at the 118 Freeway.

14 Freeway closed at San Fernando Road.

Meantime, some 80 miles to the west, the Santa Barbara blaze continues in the community of Montecito, which has done major damage to a number of homes and Westmont College.

Officials report that up to 200 homes may be lost or damaged, while 13 people have been injured.

On a bright note, fire officials said they are gettng a hold on that blaze.

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