Friday, November 21, 2008

Los Angeles Looks to Pay $13M to Finalize Lawsuits

The city of Los Angeles will reportedly pay out some $13 million to finalize lawsuits from the turbulent 2007 May Day demonstration that injured dozens.

The $13 million reportedly does not include claims filed by some journalists who were also injured.

The L.A. City Council will need to approve the $13 million settlement, and the total could increase due to journalists' claims filed at the state level.

Back on May 1, 2007, members of the Los Angeles Police Department attempted to break up a protest in MacArthur Park, but they were using rubber bullets and batons during a mostly peaceful protest.

As a result of the actions that took place, two commanding officers were reassigned, one ended up resigning, and a number of police officers still face a possible termination over what happened on that day.

In response, the police issued a statement, noting, "Through the administrative process, we trust that each of the officers involved will be given a fair review that will evaluate their actions in the context of what they had been ordered to do, the tools and training they were given to accomplish those tasks, and the conditions under which they were operating."

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