Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why Sarah Palin was Good for the McCain Ticket

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Now that the dust has settled, many pundits are coming out and giving their two cents about the impact Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had on the GOP ticket. There are even reports of some McCain staffers, who of course do not want their names released, saying she was a drag on the ticket.

Well, we believe Palin was good for the ticket overall. While she made some miscues along the way, McCain would have likely lost by double digit points instead of six had Palin not been on the ticket.

First, she brought energy to the ticket. With all due respect to McCain, he does and did not fire up the crowds. Palin continuously outdrew McCain at events and her crowds grew as time went on.

Second, she fired up the base, something McCain had trouble doing. Donations and volunteers to the GOP ticket skyrocketed following the GOP Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul, with much of that credit going to the pick of Palin.

Third, she proved a tireless campaigner, something that McCain also was. Unlike Joe Biden who can put you to sleep faster than a sleeping pill, Palin brought energy to the events she attended and excitement.

When all is said and done, McCain himself admitted he was to blame for the loss. We love McCain and appreciate all he's done for this country, but it was at the top of the ticket where some bad decisions were made. For those that say Palin was one of them, we disagree.

While Palin goes back to being Alaska's governor, don't be surprised to see her on the national stage again in a few years.

Next time, you will have a more seasoned Sarah Palin, someone the Democrats will be keeping an eye on. And that includes our friends in the liberal media....

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