Thursday, November 20, 2008

Suicide Pact Discovered in Deaths of OC Family

Just released information points to a suicide pact in the deaths of five family members in the Orange County area earlier this year. Officials did say, however, that no note was left behind.

According to officials, Manas Ucar, 58, was shot to death by his wife, Margrit, who then took her own life in their San Clemente home. Three other family members, twin daughters and a grandmother, reportedly died of prescription drug overdoses. Their decomposed bodies were discovered May 25 after family members became worried.

The twin girls, Grace and Margo, 21, were found on a bed, their grandmother on a chaise lounge and their parents in a closet.

All but Ucar's wife had reportedly ingested a number of prescription drugs, including Vicodin.

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