Saturday, November 22, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Networking Helps Biz Professionals

By Carrie Podber

Social Networking - You’ve heard the term, you know you need to be part of it but what does it really mean and how do you get the most out of it?

Social Networking is about building relationships in an online environment. The concept originated with the dating sites, where people where afforded the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in the interest of forming personal relationships. Followed by MySpace, which began with bands placing profiles to share their music and Facebook, for students, which allowed for friends to keep in touch and share pictures. These are all Social “Personal” Networking sites so how do you utilize Social Network for “Business”?

Shortly after the inception of MySpace, echain community launched its first prototype and beta test, for the business community to build relationships, collaborate and share knowledge and advice. Several years later when Facebook opened up its community to the masses the term “Social Networking” became widely accepted.

echain is a business social network that differentiates itself from the dozens of other sites out there. Built by an entrepreneur that understands the value of relationships to the success of business, it helps build relationships among its members in all states, that otherwise would not have had an opportunity to meet. The site has community blogs, individual blogs, personal profiles, business profiles, videos, represents trusted products and services and offers group health insurance to all its participating members.

In today’s economy, business people are much more aware of the value of their time and the necessity of meeting the right people. echain facilitates introductions online so that you can maximize your offline time. It functions as a Social Marketing, Social Media and cost effective Public Relations community ranging from entrepreneurs to medium sized companies seeking to showcase and grow their business through the power of relationships.

echain is a monthly membership community and in the process of working with several non profits/charities/causes and will be donating a portion of proceeds to participating organizations. Each month the member chooses which organization their monthly membership fee is allocated to. The mission is to help everyone grow business, build strategic, synergistic and revenue relationships by working together as a community.

Please visit us online at and set your profile up today!


The Team said...

Zimbabwe Wuz Here!!! Nice site man. Came in from linkreferral and think your site is kicking. I dont click through to other pages often, but your nicely laid-out, clean look and quirky content had me hooked for a bit. I only ask that you highlight our cause down in Zim as we fight for democracy, blog about our insane president, make the world more aware of the circus he is running.......enough. Excellent site!
I can be found on

Carrie said...

Thanks for your message. Please go back to the echain site, I posted your blog. If you can let your viewers know about echain that would be great.