Sunday, August 10, 2008

EDITOR'S TAKE: Edwards Says Bye-Bye to Credibility

So he finally came clean.

While we certainly were not the first ones to break the news, we noted a few weeks back that it seemed pretty quiet out there in the mainstream media about the alleged John Edwards affair.

According to Edwards when previously confronted with the adultery allegations, he responded, "The story is false, it's completely untrue, it's ridiculous," Edwards said.

Well, Edwards came clean a few days ago on ABC's Nightline, referring to his affair with former employee Rielle Hunter, who has been residing in California now for some time.

It was just recently that Edwards was caught trying to sneak out of a Beverly Hills hotel in the wee hours of the morning after reportedly visiting Hunter. It is also out there that the two had a child together, something Edwards flatly denies. Edwards also reportedly told his family, including his wife who is stricken with cancer, about the affair in 2006. That is two years after he unsuccessfully ran with John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election.

Many men have cheated on their wives, both Republican and Democrat. What sets Edwards a little more apart from the group was his preaching family values, etc.

It all boils down to the fact that Edwards says one thing and does another. He's messed up something more than his hair at this point. He's not only lost credibility with his wife and family whether they want to admit it or not. More importantly, he's lost faith with many across America.

Even those diehards on the left that supported the sweet talking, smiling country boy from North Carolina have to be shaking their heads a little bit these days.

Then again, they still think Al Gore is the second coming of God.

So what do you think?

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