Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shooting Leaves Teen Dead, Woman Wounded

A San Diego shooting has left an 18-year-old man dead and a woman injured.

According to authorities, the shooting took place early Saturday morning in a Descanso home. Police say that the woman's estranged husband opened fire on what he said were burglars in the house. The two shotgun blasts resulted in family tragedy.

Gary Sanner of Oak Grove Drive in Descanso reportedly contacted 911 about 2 a.m. and reported someone was breaking into his house. Only minutes later, a dispatcher heard gunshots.
After reportedly calling 911, Sanner allegedly fired a shotgun in the direction of a window where he heard a noise. He then fired a second time at another window, where a person was reportedly shining a flashlight.

Joseph Eric Burton Jr. died from a gunshot wound outside a rear window of Sanner's house. Sanner's estranged wife, Jennifer Sanner, reportedly left messages on his telephone a day earlier, requesting property from the house, as the two were in the process of a divorce. Sanner's wife filed for divorce back in April.

Jennifer Sanner was wounded in the shooting, but her injuries were reportedly not life-threatening.

The two were reportedly among five people who went to the home. Among those also reportedly there was Jennifer Sanner's boyfriend, Joseph Burton. He is the father of the young man who was killed.

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