Saturday, August 2, 2008

San Diego Area Deputy Tries to Kill Himself

Authorities in San Diego report that a local deputy charged with sexually assaulting a prostitute earlier this year in Mission Valley has tried to take his own life.

Thomas Sadler, 47, was arrested this past Thursday on a host of felony charges for his alleged conduct on Feb. 6 with a prostitute.

He reportedly picked the woman up and took her to a location where he forcibly touched her breasts and genitals. Several people witnessed the alleged action and the woman later came forward to provide police with a license plate description of Sadler's unmarked police vehicle. The woman and two witnesses later pointed out Sadler in a photo lineup.

Police did not describe how Sadler reportedly attempted suicide, only that it was on Friday and that he was recovering in a local hospital.

Sadler is slated to be arraigned on the charges on Aug. 7.

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