Thursday, August 14, 2008

EDITOR'S TAKE: Obsessed With a Missing Child

Editor's note: For those that follow this blog or visit for the first time, you know that we are primarily a California news source. However, sometimes things in other states or around the world grab our attention.

Such is the case in the saga of missing Florida child Caylee Marie Anthony.

Now we want to be very clear on this.....We hope the child is found alive. We also want to be clear that this is a heartbreaking story and we would never wish such a situation on any parent, grandparent, loved one, etc.

That being said, we've noticed what we would label an "obsession" with this case, especially on the Nancy Grace television show. Close behind is Greta with Fox's "On the Record." While we enjoy watching both shows, we are especially amazed at how Grace just can't let go of this story. Is it because she is the recent mother of twins, a boy and a girl? We have no doubt Ms. Grace loves kids, but there is a line in the sand.

We've flipped by Nancy Grace out here on the West Coast at 5 p.m. each weeknight for several weeks now and notice it is wall-to-wall Caylee Anthony coverage. Are there not thousands of other missing little boys and girls out there? Of course there are. Can all the cases be covered on television? Of course they cannot.

That being said, with hypocrite John Edwards in the news, wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, new bombing taking place in Georgia by the Russians, an economy still sputtering along, etc. we know there are much more important topics to be considering than this case in Florida.

We pray for a happy ending to the case in Florida. We also pray that especially Nancy Grace gets a clue and realizes that it is time to move on from this case until something concrete turns up, aka a body or a confession. Please, Ms. Grace, take a look around you and realize there is other news out there.

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