Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Did John Edwards Cheat on Wife?

John Edwards, who ran as the vice presidential candidate on the ticket with Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry four years ago, and earlier this year ran for the Democratic nomination, apparently has a little explaining to do.

Reports say Edwards, whose wife, Elizabeth, is battling breast cancer, was season leaving the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills early Tuesday morning following a latenight 'meeting' with alleged mistress Rielle Hunter (pictured). The two allegedly had a child together too.

Hunter, who at one time worked on Edwards' campaign, came to light back in the fall of 2007 when a story ran in the National Enquirer about the two. Hunter denounced the story, claiming it was untrue. Hunter also reportedly lived in a North Carolina home that was owned by a backer of Edwards.

After being cornered by a reporter at the hotel, Edwards reportedly waited on hotel security to escort him out.

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