Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gays Try to Turn Away Business at San Diego Hotel

People on both sides of the gay marriage rights issue turned out in downtown San Diego on Friday during a rally against the owner of the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Owner Doug Manchester made a $125,000 contribution to support the Prop 8 measure on this November's ballot. That measure would make it only legal for men and women to marry in California. Earlier this year, a judge ruled that gay couples could legally marry in the state, which they began doing last month.

Gay and lesbian activists picketed in front of the hotel Friday afternoon, claiming Manchester and his hotel are not friendly to gays. On the flip side, a hotel spokesperson says the establishment is friendly to gays.

Supporters of Manchester's were also on hand to demonstrate their point of view.

Prop 8 garnered enough support and survived an attempt by gays to have it removed from the ballot, therefore letting California voters decide this fall.

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