Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cal Tree-Sitters, Campus Extend Limbs of Progress

Progress has reportedly been made between several people sitting in trees on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley and campus authorities.

The protestors have been up in arms over a plan to remove several trees on campus to make way for the construction of a new sports center.

The agreement states that the protestors will remove a line that was formed along Piedmont Avenue to the trees Wednesday morning in order to move bags of food to the tree-sitters. The tree-sitters will also leave a new tree that they took over earlier Wednesday. Those occupying the trees will also reportedly lower all the human waste they have been compiling and keep lowering it on a daily basis.

In what is a long agreement, the backers of the tree-sitters will halt attempts to re-supply them with food or storm the barricades the university placed around the trees, he said. In return, supporters gain approval on a daily basis to send up a bag of food that has been searched by university officials.
University officials also agreed to give a 72-hour notice if they intend to either end the agreement or use force to remove the tree-sitters.

A UC Board of Regents committee approved building the sports training center in December of 2006. Earlier this week, a 2007 preliminary injunction that had temporarily halted the construction of the sports center was lifted.

A spokesman for UC Berkeley said a deal was reached Wednesday between university police and protestors on the building of a new sports center.

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