Friday, July 11, 2008

San Diego Man Gets 11 Years for Attack on Mom

A San Diego man received an 11-year sentence on Friday for attempted murder of his mother back in 2006.

Sulaiman Enayat, 22, was charged with attacking his 57-year-old mother with a butcher knife in their home, then hitting her with her car when she tried to flee outside the home before police arrested him.

Enayat, who was reportedly tased after confronting police at the scene, withdrew his insanity plea back in April and pled guilty to attempted murder, along with an allegation that he used an 8-inch knife to cause great bodily injury to his mother.

Enayat will be housed at a correctional facility that makes available mental health treatment.

Police had reportedly been to the home several times in the past for domestic violence calls.

Editor's Take: We believe Enayat is lucky to have gotten only 11 years. In our view, he should have gotten much more. The fact that the suspect reportedly tried to run her over after attacking her inside says to us that he wanted her dead at all costs.

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