Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mom Who Lived on the Lam Seeks New Sentence

A San Diego mother who was sent back to Michigan to complete a prison sentence after walking out of jail more than 30 years ago is seeking a new sentence.

The lawyers for Susan LeFevre, 53, a mother of three, claim she received an illegal and improper sentence of 10 to 20 years after pleading guilty to heroin charges back in 1974. The lawyers say that all heroin offenders got the same sentence back then, a "secret" policy. Her attorney said such a policy was later deemed illegal by Michigan's Supreme Court. The claim was filed in a Michigan court yesterday.

The law caught up with LeFevre, who escaped a Michigan cell back in 1976, earlier this year in Carmel Valley.

LeFevre had been living under the identity of Marie Walsh. She was married to a doctor and raising three girls.

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