Friday, July 18, 2008

EDITOR'S TAKE: 'View' Hosts Need to GET A LIFE!

Editor's Note: Although this blog is dedicated to California news and events, we will from time to time look at things that play out on a bigger grand stand.

After watching several news shows devoting time yesterday to the exchange on "The View" between Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, we were left with only one thing to say....GET A LIFE!

With all the problems in today's world, this show certainly seems to tackle less relevant issues. With all due respect to our female friends out there, this is a koffee klatch gathering with several women sitting around shooting the bull. If you actually accomplish something by doing this, please let us know and we will post a breaking news item.

On the Thursday show, Hasselbeck was brought to tears during her exchange with Goldberg over the 'N' word. Hasselbeck claimed that we all live in the same world, while Goldberg told her that she (Hasselbeck) doesn't live in her (Goldberg) world. At the end of the day... no one... white, black, brown, orange should use the word. Ladies, like we said a little earlier, GET A LIFE!

The biggest shock and disappointment of this show is that longtime broadcaster Barbara Walters has associated herself with it.

Being of the conservative mind, we like Hasslebeck in general. She is the lone voice of reason when all the liberals try and shove stuff down our throats.

In the end, though, Hasselbeck lessened her credibility yesterday with her tearful performance. Elisabeth, some things are worth crying over. They would include soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq, mothers in North Carolina being murdered, and a 12-year-old girl being killed by her uncle in Vermont. Those are true tragedies.

In the end, we know "The View" will continue to have its supporters and that we have not likely seen the end of which we say again....GET A LIFE!

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