Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gay Marraige Backers Applaud Brown's Move

The language involving the Prop 8 ballot for this fall has changed, leading to the filing of a lawsuit by prop supporters.

Attorney General Jerry Brown, who may have changed the wording in an effort to bring in more of the gay vote should he run for governor again in 2010, reworded the language of Prop 8, the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage if a majority of voters cast a "yes" ballot.

The new language now states that Prop 8 would "eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry." Prop 8 supporters, who planned on filing a lawsuit to stop the wording change, said the new wording could "prejudice voters against the initiative."

Brown, however, said the change was needed to show the legalization of gay marriage prior to the November ballot.

When the proposition was submitted to the state, same-sex marriage was not yet allowed and was to be determined by the California Supreme Court justices, therefore the wording made sense. Now that it is legal, the wording had to be changed, according to Brown and supporters of gay marriage.

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